Change over electrical box (110 VAC)

Change over electrical box (110 VAC)
Item# MWG110COB

Product Description

For countries using 110VAC (U.S.A., Canada & South America)

In a steel case a fully installed change over grid electrical box.

content :a kWh meter ,a 110VAC 0.8kW inverter(square wave),a bi pole relay contactor,a low &high level battery sensor,a general control switch and a green light indicating when the system is powered by Motorwind using only standard components that any certified electrician can replace anywhere in the world.

function: when the battery level is high the inverter powers the electrical appliances.when the battery level becomes too low the system switches automatically back to the grid avoiding any interruption.

the inverter will only start if the battery voltage reaches approx 13 volts and keep working until the battery level goes down to approx 11 approx 11 volts the inverter shuts down and will only restart when the battery is recharged.

(Caution :do not use for computer-the switching time is detected by computer as power failure)

Box :40 cm x 27 cm x 30 cm approx 10 kgs.

Volume : 0.0352 CBM Measurement : 0.42x0.27x0.31m

20'container = approx 795 pcs -----------40' container = approx 1590 pcs