Educational Kit 04

Educational Kit 04
Item# PT0300

Product Description

Specs: 3 turbines with generator, mounted on stainless frame and holder, equipped with a pump which can pump either water or air.

Measurement: 77 x 50 x 80 cm Weight: 4.5 kgs

3 micro turbines with a piston pump :high suction power. for 8ms wind speed can pump 7 liters of water /hour at 8 meter height. for 4 ms can pump 15 liters /hour at 1 meter.

equipped with 2 external valves that can be installed at different height depending on the application.the pump body is made of transparent acrylic so the children can see what is actually happening during the low pressure high pressure work.

this pump can handle any fluids water or oil as well as air or gases.

the maximum internal pressure is approx 2 bars and can be control by different O rings sizes.for higher pressure the pump body has to be changed for brass (non transparent).

excellent tool to explain Pascal and Newton's law